Turkeys in the kitchen by dave Barry

First of all…LOL… i really though this was funny, and i enjoyed reading it.

    as far as the stereotype goes according to Barry, women are in the kitchen, they know what they are doing and when men ask them to help the polity decline them because they will eventually have to do it any way due to the lack of mens knowledge around vegetables. on the other hand men are good for three take away one things. 1) taking care of the car, fixing it as needed, 2) watch lots of sports and get excited when some football player is dead or half dying and 3) (this would be the “take away one”) taking care of the children. simply that their attention span can only last as long as it takes for something good to come up on the T.V.

when i read this i felt like the authors tone was humourus. for example when he mentions the questions that go through his head when his wife askes him to cut the turnip. he is more than abliged to help but is stoped in his trackes when he doesnt know how or whith what to cut a turnip, that is if he even knows what a turnip is. honestly i believe that the man will know what the different types of fruits and vetables are. i also find it amusing that he refers to women being stuck in life skills classes that are usefull to them when they are in the kitchen and men who are stuck with construction that are usful….. well WHERE? funny enough if the women is tuck in the “kitchen” senerio then the man is stuck in the “car/ fix the house” senerio which is just as important as providing the food. after all you need a working kitchen in order to make the food right? well the problem is that instead of being that manly man they fall in to the clutches of tv sports and turn into kids at a thanksgiving dinner, which in my opinion is okay IF they keep up their support through out the rest of the year.

as for my family it is a little different. my mom or aunt never makes the turkey. It is really our grandfather who preparse and cooks the turkey. its sort of our tradition. he starts the turkey at five in the morning when it comes to eleven in the morning my mom or aunt depending whose turn it is starts with the vegetables and other dishes. finally the designated person is in charge of the desert. as for the kids we are an older family with the youngest at 14. no running around and torturing the dogs. we help out in the kitchen while my brother and uncle usually talk in the living room but no football. so to each his own but in my family some of the men know their way around the kitchen and to give them extra credit their way around the house to.

so no,just because someone is limited to certain classes in school doesn’t mean that they need to stay limited. it also doesn’t mean that assumptions can be made.  if it really means that much to them, and if they want to be let in or really help they will make it their business to know what, and how to do something.

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