The Way To Rainy Mountain.

Why tell three stories as one when they can be told separately? In his short essay N. Scott Momaday intertwines three stories into one creating what seems a mythical tale that also holds truths and captures the reader’s attention. While capturing the reader’s attention, Momaday tells a story of his history, his people’s journey, and his memories of his grandmother and that throughout the three stories combined runs a thread that ties them all together, share events and emotions that are similar yet different as the time settings were different. By telling them together a overiding theme takes place. “journey   towards dawn, and it leads to a golden age” (274).  By taking in all of the history’s past events combined with the present day events and future happenings Momaday’s character and his tribe’s character is being established. The assimilation of the Kiowas into the Crow tribe’s beliefs, religion, and culture resulted in a newer, modified, culture. Later on these people are forced to give up their sun dance because of the changes occurring around them due to white settlements, forcing them out of every day lives. yet again they assimilated and changed. through all of the changes a pride and courage has been gained. and pride and courage has been gained through holding on to one’s origins but seeing how one has further developed and changed without loosing what is held most dear. For Momaday, it is his family and his old traditional tribe’s rituals, and beliefs and culture.

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